Engineering Leaders! Reduce Your Rails Logging Costs By Up To 61%

Designed For Teams Using Datadog/NewRelic and Ruby on Rails

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    John Gallagher
    Joyful Programming Coach

    John is obsessed with reducing logging costs for engineering leaders whilst keeping all the advantages of observability.


  • One of the highest compliments I can offer Software Design Simplified is its unwavering respect for the reader's time. Every paragraph is delivering value and indispensable context on design principles.

    I breezed through its pages in just a weekend. Now, whenever I'm stumped by problematic code, I remember to envision my ideal "dream code." This provides clarity and a tangible goal, which I can make incremental progress towards.

    This invaluable insight is but one of the many lessons in this book that made my day-to-day more enjoyable as a software engineer.

    Renato, Engineer
  • "I've learned more with John in the last 3 months than I did on my own in 3 years."

    Peter Shutt, Engineer
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